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To put it simply, We make Elevators.

Manufacturing Plant
As a Leading brand names in Vertical Transportation System Manufacturer since 1992 with our partnership manufacturer, SJEC. With the world first class NC facilities to produce best quality by best equipment. Together, we are provided corporate guarantee to ensure our product are design has inherited the Silent, Reliable and Comfort Riding equipment. Our FUJI Products has attained worldwide recognition with the symbolism of innovation and iteration under cooperation between the founder and owner, FUJI Elevator Co Ltd Japan and FUJI Elevator Malaysia.

With the capability of our Design Flexibility to custom made products accordance to building requirement. FUJI are able to accomplish Lift speed requirement up to 10 m/s.

To provide FUJI best life time after Sales Service, our highly skilled and experienced R&D Team and stringent Quality Control team are ensured all our product range Design are always put Safety as first priority and dedicated in its commitment in delivering the best product and services.

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